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       Wall Panel Three-Part Specification


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PART 1 General

1.01 Scope of Work

  1. Steeltec, LLC shall furnish (and install if required) an exterior wall panel system. Product shall be shipped ready for erection, with all required hardware.


1.02 Submittals

  1. Approval drawings showing general existing building layout, existing fašade, fascia style, and other required information shall be reviewed and approved by owner, and returned to Steeltec, LLC prior to commencement of fabrication.
  2. Erection drawings shall be furnished at time of shipment. Piece marks shall be specified to facilitate easy field identification of all major components.


1.03 Warranty

  1. A minimum 1-year warranty is standard with each project. Warranty includes, but is not limited to, leaks and material defects.
  2. Owner shall review completed work to ensure that the scope of work related to the project required to be performed by Steeltec, LLC has been performed satisfactorily. Upon satisfactory completion of this review, the owner shall sign and date a completed Work Acceptance Form indicating acceptance of the completed project. Warranty of the wall panel system commences on the date of the signature.


PART 2 Products

2.01 Materials

  1. All materials shall be new, of good quality and without defects that would lessen the quality of the product.


2.02 Panel Systems

  1. Option 1 – Smooth vertical 18 gauge preformed steel panel shall conform to ASTM A653 Grade CS with a minimum yield strength of 25 ksi, with a G90 galvanized surface per ASTM A924. Panel shall be provided with a powder coat paint finish, in a size and color per owner’s requirements.
  2. Option 2 – Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) Panels shall be provided with a 3mm thick pre-finished aluminum composite material substrate. Finish color shall be factory applied.
  3. Option 3 – Corporate Image panel systems shall conform to corporate specifications for color, size and materials.
  4. Option 4 – Foam core laminated steel panels shall be provided with a 24 gauge G90 galvanized steel front and back with a 2 inch thick core of virgin expanded polystyrene with 1.5 pcf density. Panels shall have a finish side coated with a full coat of polyester paint baked on over an epoxy primer.
  5. Panel supports and framing shall be cold formed 18 or 20 gauge steel sections conforming to ASTM A653 Grade CS with a minimum yield strength of 25 ksi, with a G90 galvanized surface per ASTM A924. Outrigger spacing and attachment methods per existing building substructure and new design requirements.
  6. There shall be no exposed fasteners on exterior or bottom face of panels.
  7. Wall panels shall be protected throughout fabrication and transportation with a factory applied removable film.
  8. 24 gauge flashing shall be used as required by design.



2.03 Hardware

  1. Cadmium plated self-drilling metal screws shall be provided for all sheet metal connections.
  2. 1/8-inch diameter pop-rivets shall be provided as required by design.


PART 3 Execution

3.01 Site Preparation

  1. Owner shall provide a work area that is level and compacted. Gravel, concrete or asphalt base recommended. There shall be no open trenches, tank holes or mounds of fill within 25 feet of the work area.
  2. Owner shall be responsible for removal or relocation of overhead power or utility lines in work area.
  3. Owner shall provide GFI protected 120 volt AC electrical power within 50 feet of actual work area.


3.02 Installation

  1. Delivery schedule shall be coordinated between Steeltec, LLC and owner. Delivery lead times shall be a minimum of four weeks from order placement and return of signed Approval Drawings to Steeltec, LLC. Long lead-time items may require a longer delivery schedule.
  2. Exterior wall panels, as well as other accessories shall be assembled in accordance with Erection Drawings provided with shipment. SpacerDouble.bmp (1838 bytes)